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International in scope, it provides expert information and the latest news about global cultural events.

Every edition offers in-depth access to art exhibitions and films, vernissages and travel guides for inquisitive minds. It takes readers behind the scenes at the world’s leading art businesses, restaurants and wine tastings. Art de Vivre’s subscribers are the first to learn about key social events around the world.


With an extremely refined process of article selection, we provide our audience with access to the most relevant and profound information from a relevant and aesthetic perspective. We bare open the backstage of the art world and publish a regular calendar to keep you updated with important events.

Our aim is to educate our subscribers on art theory in a simple yet engaging manner. We wish to keep them informed about the best social events in the world and help plan trips in a manner that affords them the highest level of comfort and enjoyment.


Quality – Each article is carved after in-depth research, regardless of type of the article and its length.

Exclusivity – The main goal of Art de Vivre is to provide our readers with exclusive content about a premium lifestyle and share unique insights that cannot be found elsewhere.

Regularity and consistency – We bring news and analytical stories to the audience on a daily basis. Our subscribers wish to stay updated with the events from around the world and that's what we give them.

Diversity and inclusion – Art de Vivre promotes diversity and inclusion on all levels of our work. Our topics touch upon a variety of subjects and themes. Our team is multinational, multilingual and includes members of various minorities.