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A Christmas Story about Simon the squirrel

A Christmas Story about Simon the squirrel

We were once strolling around London on Christmas eve, the deserted streets lit up by thousands of magical twinkling lights.As we walked past St Paul's Cathedral, we noticed several squirrels scurrying along, one by one, towards the brightly lit Christmas tree in the square, right in front of the cathedral. Then they made their way under the fence and suddenly disappeared amid the branches.

Our imaginations started to run wild, and we wondered what they were up to. Why would squirrels suddenly want to climb up this particular tree in the middle of the City of London, so far from the city's parks?Finally, after giving it some thought, we realised that the squirrels were probably also rushing off to celebrate Christmas and that London's animals must have their own Christmas traditions too.


Perhaps, we thought, squirrels celebrate Christmas at St Paul's Cathedral, and crows at the Tower Christmas tree. Mice, meanwhile, might take a fancy to the tree in Trafalgar Square, and foxes, which tend to be really brave, perhaps opt to swing off a tree at Buckingham Palace!

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Our imagination was unstoppable, and that's how we ended up coming up with a sweet Christmas story, which we published on Christmas eve in 2021, about a brave little squirrel named Simon, who goes on plenty of exciting adventures, meets new friends and sings Christmas carols with the other squirrels on the Christmas tree at St. Paul's Cathedral.

Since then, Simon the Squirrel has befriended many children, encouraging them to have faith in friendship and inspiring them to love going on exciting adventures.

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