A personal Story: My first Christmas eve in Poland

A personal Story: My first Christmas eve in Poland

During my first term at university in Poland, Sociology and Culture, lectured by Mrs Nowińska, was my favourite class. She was in her 50s and loved telling us about her experiences when she lived in a small village in Yakutia, Siberia, where she was carrying out her PhD research. 

Before Christmas, Mrs Nowińska invited all the international students to her home to celebrate Christmas Eve. She thought it would be a pleasure to serve us as her guests.

Christmas in my hometown was never really a festive season. The opportunity to experience an authentic Christmas celebration in a different country sounded enthralling, so Kartika, my friend from Indonesia, Đỗ from Vietnam, and I, merrily accepted her invitation.

Mrs Nowińska explained that Christmas Eve in Poland traditionally features 12 dishes with no meat except fish. Every ingredient is used for a reason, and eating them for dinner is said to grant you an auspicious new year.

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