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Behind the scenes: The Monaco Grand Prix

Behind the scenes: The Monaco Grand Prix

Throughout the history of Formula 1, races have taken place in more than 70 cities. The Monaco Grand Prix is one of the oldest and most estimable motor racing events in the world. And it is not just words, Monaco hosted the 79th Monaco Grand Prix this year, 93 years after the first edition held in the Principality in 1929.

City race in Formula 1

It is a unique track with a unique approach desired by Antony Noghès, chairman of the Automobile Club of Monaco. Nowadays race in Monaco is one the most important and watched races. How Antony Noghès managed to create a race that would be held right in the middle of the city – read in our article History of the Grand Prix Monaco.

Grand Prix Monaco 2022

This year’s city race was a test of endurance: heavy rain flooded part of the track; a red flag to fix the broken barrier and many other obstacles at the 2022 Monaco Grand Prix tested the riders' fortitude. In the end, it was Sergio Pérez of Oracle Red Bull Racing who passed all tests with flying colors.

The Mexican, who finished third on the grid after a bad qualifying crash on Saturday, has vowed to redeem himself for a long night spent by mechanics fixing his battered RB18 car. After 64 breathless laps, Pérez won his third F1 race and became Mexico's most successful driver, delivering a devastating blow to Ferrari after Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz blocked the first row of the grid on the track 24 hours ago, where qualification usually determines the outcome of the race.

Sergio PÉREZ:
It's a dream come true. I mean, as a driver, you dream of winning here. After your home race, I think there is no other special weekend to win. So to do it and the way we did it, you know we just made it even harder for ourselves at the end.

After the majestic and historic Monaco, we will follow Formula 1 at the fifth street circuit of the 2022 season in Baku (Azerbaijan) in two weeks. 

Is there any other race track in the world that will ever have the same success and prestige as the Monaco's race?

What day is the Monaco Grand Prix 2023 race?

Monaco Grand Prix 2023 will be held on 28 May, 2023. 


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