Editor-in-chief’s letter • Art de Vivre

Editor-in-chief’s letter

Dec 24, 2022

2022 will always be the special year for our magazine - the year it was founded.

We came up with the idea of it in January and the website was launched in June. We had our first readers, first subscribers, first articles. 

Since that time we have had more than 130 articles published and hit more than 7 000 readers monthly. 

My experience tells me that the most successful businesses are those for which a good team works. At the moment, I am proud of every member of our team. From the back office to the editors, everyone is a top-notch professional with a passion for their work. I believe this is the kind of team that will lead us to success.

And success for us is to gather around the magazine a community of thinkers, inquisitive, active and cultured people. Those for whom it is important to live a life full of vivid colours and full of meaning. Those who are able to see beauty. Those for whom life is an art. Art de Vivre.

Our magazine has grand plans for next year. I won't reveal all the cards here, but I will say one thing: those who have been our readers from the very beginning are in for a sea of excitement.

Hundreds of unique articles, interviews with the most interesting experts, new material formats and much more. Believe me, we’re going to surprise you!

Art de Vivre magazine and I, its editor-in-chief personally, wish our readers and our team a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May goodness and humanity reign in your hearts. May your life be like a work of art. It's in your hands and our magazine will guide you.

With love and gratitude,

Julia Rodionov

Art de Vivre



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