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First Sunshine: Julien Fournie's new Haute Couture collection

Jan 26, 2023

The courageous French designer Julien Fournie presented his new collection at Paris’ 8th arrondissement on Tuesday. Described by the fashion house as “a tribute to women freed from constraints, and designed to magnify their nature and simply celebrate the joy of partying in the open air in summertime," it left onlookers in awe and transported them to a lavish pool party. 

Overwhelmed with emotion, we were immersed in a joyous, relaxed ambiance, everyone beaming throughout the show. The music gave the event a festive tone, with two Weyes Blood tunes kicking off the show. "Sitting at this party, wondering if anyone knows me, really sees who I am," the line from one of the songs blared over the speakers as the elegant models walked the runway under the bright "sunshine" of the spotlights. It was if they were taking a morning stroll by the sea, transporting all the show's guests from a cold January morning to a warm summer party.

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