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Les Nuits de Fourviére is back - in full force

Les Nuits de Fourviére is back - in full force

The Nuits de Fourvière is a French festival that takes place in Lyon every summer. Since 1946, the festival has featured a harmonious co-existence of the performing arts, namely dance, opera, theatre, and circus.

Every year the festival presents more than 150 performances. Despite its multidisciplinary character, this isn’t an absolute rule. That’s the beauty of it. It is modern exactly because of its openness and lack of thematizing and standardisation. At each edition, Les Nuis de Fourvière produces or co-produces international works in partnerships with institutions such as the El Grec Festival in Barcelona, the Athens Festival, the Lincoln Centre Festival in New York and more.


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Ever since 1946, the Nuits de Fourvière festival has been exciting its audience in the Roman amphitheatre in Lyon, the former capital of Gaul. In 1933 the Mayor of Lyon, Edouard Herriot began an excavation site in the city. Constrained during the Second World War, these excavations brought the Grand Théâtre back to life in 1946. Bringing the site back to life also allowed different forms of art to come to life on stage. Since then, the festival has continued to attract people from across the world every summer for this internationally renowned artistic programme. The site boasts two adjoining spaces: the Grand Théâtre (4,400 seats) and the Odéon (1,200 seats).

About the festival

While the programme of the festival may seem too extensive to talk about, there are still shows that deserve a special mention.

For example, between July 4th and 22nd, the Trottola Circus will be performing, and each show is approximately 1:30 hours long. The tickets can be booked online on the website of the festival. Bonaventure Gacon and Titoune are favourites among the audience due to their highly entertaining nature. On July 13th Vogue at Night #1, you can catch the musical performance by eight artists from the Unit Soeurs collective. Their aesthetics integrate electronic music into the multidisciplinary program. Another act that you cannot miss is on July 22nd and 23rd by Sharon Eyal and Gai Behar. This feverish dance which can also be described as a contemporary trance is performed on the rhythms of the musician Ori Lichtik. 


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While the above-mentioned events are just three of the two-month program, there is so much more to see and experience at the festival. 

The Nuits de Fourvière has been building relationships with companies and artists for many years. Due to these partnerships, these companies support the production policy. The festival is adamant on investing in production. By inviting artists to tell a story through dance or music, the Nuits affirm the importance of artistic creation. 

By the way, here are a few of the best places you can stay during the festival:

If you happen to be in Lyon and really want to go to the festival, here's a short list that we compiled for anyone who is looking for a place to stay. These four hotels will offer you the utmost comfort and contribute towards a wonderful experience at the festival.

Fourvière Hotel (23 Rue Roger Radisson, 69005 Lyon, France)

An exceptional 4-star place with a privileged geographical location allowing you to visit the main places of interest in Lyon by foot and a place of absolute comfort for retreat (including spa and bien-etre space, restaurant with gastronomic carte and incredible garden). 

Traboule “Maison du Crible – Tour Rose” (22 Rue du Bœuf, 69005 Lyon, France)

As part of the UNESCO World Heritage United, this establishment exudes the spirit of history and 100% digital concept of the MiHotel group. The chic and connected Suites of the Pink Tower have won everyone over. You can experience sustainable designing at its best with a very friendly staff who will provide you with the technology of this ancient place.

Hotel de l’Abbaye (20 Rue de l'Abbaye d'Ainay, 69002 Lyon, France)

Authentic, intimate and simply charming. This hotel is located in the heart of the Lyon peninsula, the d’Ainay area. With an emphasis on preserving the spirit of yesteryear, the place has been crafted very carefully. The restaurant, l'Artichaut, has been awarded the special Michelin Plate Award. It allows you to taste gourmet cuisine on a "plain plate". The main slogan of the restaurant is- the best quality of products and the magic of the chef - a brilliant winning combo. 

Villa Maïa (8 Rue Pierre Marion, 69005 Lyon, France) 

This luxurious 5-star hotel is the result of the architectural endeavour of French masters (one of the finest architects of our time, Jean-Michel Wilmotte, who created projects like Centre spirituel et culturel orthodoxe russe., Le Grand Palais éphémère., Le Lutetia, Hôtel 5* in Paris and many others.) In a uniquely serene and spiritual place, Fourvière Hill is a cosy and unrivalled new masterpiece. The design and the magic of the intricate detailing bestows an entirely otherworldly vibe to the place. Luxury can be felt in every aspect of the stay at the hotel: the suites, the restaurant and the great team.

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Credits for the main photo: © La coccinelle

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