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Gucci Cosmos: Celebrating the Italian brand’s 102 year journey

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Dec 13, 2023

Gucci Cosmos, an exhibition running until December 31 at 180 Studios in London, takes you on a mesmerising journey through the 1920s and the initial chapters of Gucci's iconic narrative in the world of fashion, immersing you in the brand's rich 102-year history.

At the core of the exhibition lies the origin story, beginning with the recounting of Gucci's personal journey as a luggage porter at The Savoy, notably featuring the 'Ascending Room.' Inspired by the opulence of the iconic Westminster hotel, renowned for its lavishness, the Gucci Showcase draws inspiration from this landmark.

The exhibition honours this significant relationship by meticulously recreating the lobby of The Savoy. This homage extends as you step into a meticulously reproduced version of the lift that Guccio would use daily, offering a profound exploration into the brand's origins.

The exhibition set up: Exploring Gucci's distinct facets 

The exhibition unfolds across eight distinctive rooms, each meticulously designed to serve a unique purpose in commemorating Gucci's rich history. Every realm within the exhibit delves into a distinct facet of Gucci, illustrating how the brand's iconic symbols have been consistently reimagined to reflect and shape the zeitgeist.

The initial 'world' or room serves as an introduction, featuring a conveyor belt with moving luggage to simulate the atmosphere of an airport. The second, named Eden, focuses on the 'Flora' print introduced by Gucci in the 1960s for Princess Grace of Monaco. Lastly, there's the Cabinet of Wonders, housing a spinning cabinet that opens and closes, revealing a treasure trove of items. Among these hidden gems is the custom-made costume worn by Harry Styles.

Gucci Cosmos Exhibition. Courtesy of Gucci

Within Cosmos, unseen items from the Gucci archive are unveiled, meticulously sourced by Italian curator Maria Frisa across decades of materials. The room known as the Archivio, houses a collection of historic bags such as Bamboo, with its iconic bamboo handle. The room also showcases vintage scarf designs, revealing the imperfections inherent in hand-crafted creations. This curated assortment serves as a visual narrative, offering a glimpse into the brand's evolution throughout the century. Devotees of the fashion house are treated to an exceptional exhibition featuring works from past Creative Directors Tom Ford and Alessandro Michele.

Beyond heritage: Gucci's contemporary collections

Notably, rooms like Archivio go beyond historical artefacts, showcasing current collections from the Ancora line. This encompasses pieces such as the Jackie Notte and leather Bamboo, both highlighted in their Spring/Summer 2024 collection. The exhibition concludes with Gucci Ancora, a nod to the latest offerings from the Gucci Ancora fashion show under the guidance of current Creative Director Sabato De Sarno. While it doesn't house actual works from the show, it draws inspiration from the line, prominently featuring the Rosso Ancora shade of red across numerous screens.

The Cosmos experience is an absolute must for enthusiasts of the renowned Italian luxury brand. For admirers of one of the most iconic names in fashion, this immersive exhibition is an indispensable journey. It not only serves as a captivating demonstration and collection of Gucci's rich past but also offers a visionary glimpse into the brand's future.

For those eager to partake in this extraordinary showcase, the Gucci Cosmos exhibition is open in London until December 31, 2023, after which it will be transported to Paris, France. 


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