Gucci Cosmos exhibition • Art de Vivre
Oct 11, 2023 - Dec 31, 2023

Gucci Cosmos exhibition


Gucci Cosmos, an exhibition running until December 31 at 180 Studios in London, takes you on a mesmerising journey through the 1920s and the initial chapters of Gucci's iconic narrative in the world of fashion, immersing you in the brand's rich 102-year history.

At the core of the exhibition lies the origin story, beginning with the recounting of Gucci's personal journey as a luggage porter at The Savoy, notably featuring the 'Ascending Room.' Inspired by the opulence of the iconic Westminster hotel, renowned for its lavishness, the Gucci Showcase draws inspiration from this landmark.

The exhibition honours this significant relationship by meticulously recreating the lobby of The Savoy. This homage extends as you step into a meticulously reproduced version of the lift that Guccio would use daily, offering a profound exploration into the brand's origins.

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