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Exploring Trapani: A hidden gem of Sicily's northwest coast

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Jul 04, 2023

Trapani, a city nestled on the northwest coast of Sicily, is drenched in history and offers visitors an array of things to do.

The hospitality and reception in this part of Italy are second to none, with natives eager to converse and assist travellers in their home place.

There are plenty of places to visit, in or nearby this municipality, such as the ancient cobble-stoned town of Erice, the picturesque Egadi Islands or Trapani’s Salt Pans.

Guide to Trapani

Trapani’s history

The port and the traffic that Trapani received in earlier centuries benefited the city by keeping production costs low but being near the sea had its disadvantages. The Egadi Islands surrounding Trapani provided a great hiding spot for ships, particularly in the 15th Century, therefore the city was vulnerable to piracy.

There remain many gaps in Trapani’s history. Still, the fortification of “Castello di Terra”, a castle built in the Middle Ages is a notable construction with remains that can still be seen today on Lungomare Dante Alighieri.

Later on, the port of Trapani played an important role in the agriculture and tuna fishing sector, as well as the manufacture of salt which is functioning today.

Albergo Room of Andrew

A lovely base to return to after an activity-packed day is the Albergo Room of Andrew. This prestigious four-star hotel is located in the heart of Trapani, and was built in the early twentieth century by Marquis Enrico Platamone and transformed into a hotel in 2017.

Albergo Room of Andrew

Each room is decorated to a high standard with modern furniture despite the historic building. The second floor labelled ‘the noble floor’ holds a deluxe room that demonstrates the aristocratic elegance of the early twentieth century, decked out with shades of deep red and gold.

There are also standard and superior rooms, the former facing the hotel’s pleasant courtyard and the latter with balcony-style doors and more space. In these rooms, the gold is more subtle for those that prefer an aesthetically calmer room of creams, blacks and lovely tiled floors.

Their staff have a very high standard of professionalism and go the extra mile for guests.

If you get caught in a Sicilian shower and don’t want to travel far for a bite to eat, their café turned lounge bar accommodates guests and locals alike.

FronteVilla - Inst: @frontevilla

FronteVilla is a café, a bistro, a lounge bar, a restaurant and an event host all in one – why not try some of their patisseries or in-house Sicilian street food on your doorstep?

For dinner, you can expect delicious citrus swordfish roll with olives and caper stew and spaghetti with fish egg, shrimp tartare and pistachios on the menu.

Antique rural dammuso, sea view and arabic garden - Airbnb

If you’re looking for an airbnb for a more intimate experience, consider staying at Dammuso, a splendid villa surrounded by olive trees with scenic sea views and a private outdoor pool.

Purgatorio Church

This Church was designed by architect Don Pietro Lo Castro and the façade from 1712 was characterised by the Trapanese architect Giovanni Biagio Amico.

It was built in 1688 and holds twenty bold statues presenting the Stations of the Cross that feature in the Procession of the Mysteries of Trapani during Holy Week.

Purgatorio ChurchPurgatorio Church

Good Friday marks the beginning of the city’s events and this goes on until Saturday afternoon.
This time of the year is a great time for those that want to experience a special yearly event tied to the church.

The highly decorative Italian style is shown inside the walls, demonstrating what sprung to life in late 16th-century Italy.

The aim of the Baroque style was to capture the emotional and sensory relationship to one’s faith.

Gennaio30 Bistro

As local chef Gaetano Basirico and founder of Serisso 47 says,

The trick of a good recipe is to be an accomplice of the ingredients.

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